MLG Main Qualifier CSGO Predictions

Sat 20th Feb 2016 - 12:14am

MLG Main Qualifier Group Predictions

Taking place from February 26-28, the MLG Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier will have 16 teams in Columbus, Ohio for the chance of attaining eight slots to the next Major, MLG Columbus which will be at NationWide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

There'll be 4 groups of 4, with two teams advancing from each group.

Group stage will be a Best of 1 format with the deciders being Best of 3.

(Teams listed in bold are teams we think will advance, in no particular order)


Group A

G2 eSports (France) (12th)

FlipSid3 Tactics (Ukraine) (18th)

Enemy (USA) (50th)

Tempo Storm (Brazil) (62nd)


G2 eSports is by far the favorite in this group, we expect them to top it, Tempo Storm has been playing at amazing form and with Enemy losing Koosta to Liquid, we think they won't have the firepower to take out Tempo Storm.


Group B

Mousesports (Germany) (9th)

Liquid (USA) (15th)

HellRaisers (CIS) (14th)

Team YP (Russia) (247th)


Mousesports has been in a slump since losing their IGL, we still think they're capable of getting out of this group though, Liquid should win the group, with acquistions of Koosta and S1mple, Liquid is probably North America's best hope for Columbus.


Group C

Counter Logic Gaming (USA) (30th)

Vexed (Poland) (57th)

TheMongolz (Mongolia) (24th)

SK Gaming (Denmark) (10th)


SK Gaming should easily win this group, stepping up their form recently showing that they're truly capable of being a top 10 team in the world, Counter Logic Gaming should be able to squeak out as well, Mongolz could surprise here, but in a Best of 3 against CLG, CLG should come out on top.


Group D

Cloud9 (USA) (11th)

Dignitas (Denmark) (8th)

Gambit (Russia) (86th)

Renegades (Australia) (20th)


Dignitas will 100% stomp this group, with Cloud9 coming second, pretty standard group.

Renegades current form isn't enough to beat either Cloud9 or Dignitas and Gambit simply doesn't have the experience.



(All rankings provided by GosuGamers)



Arik Krause

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