IEM World Championship Katowice 2016 CSGO Predictions

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Intel Extreme Masters presented by ESL will be taking place from March 2nd-6th Katowice, Poland

12 of the world's best Counter Strike teams will be playing for their share of a $250,000 USD.

Teams will be split into two groups of six, playing in a round robin format where the first placed team will advance straight into the semi-finals and the second and third place team will advance to the quarter finals, the rest of the teams will be sent home.


We'll list our group predictions, we will also list who we think will win the entire tournament at the end.


Group A

Team Name - Country - World Rank

Fnatic (Sweden) - 1st

Natus Vincere (Ukraine) - 4th

Luminosity Gaming (USA/Brazil) - 6th

Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden) - 5th

Mousesports (Germany) - 9th

The MongolZ (Mongolia) - 24th


Predicted Placing - Team Name 

1st - Fnatic

We predict Fnatic to walk over this pool, other than Natus Vincere they won't really be challenged by anybody else, they're ranked number one in the world for a reason and are favorites to win the entire event.

2nd - Natus Vincere 

Other then Fnatic, they should be able to get second place pretty easily, they might lose to Luminosity as they've played really close games against each other the past couple months.

3rd - Ninjas in Pyjamas

If we're going to get any prediction wrong, it's going to be this one, they're going to have to steal a game off Na`Vi and probably run the table on the rest of the group outside Fnatic to advance.

4th - Luminosity Gaming

Pick your poision, it's either going to be NiP or LG advancing, it'll probably come down to the game between those two teams. Luminosity has the chance to squeak into second or even win this group if Fer and Fallen continue to play like monsters.

5th - Mousesports

Advancing into the MLG Columbus major pretty easily last weekend, Mousesports looks to keep their hot streak rolling into Poland, unfortunately they got a pretty tough group and we don't see them being able to take the games they need to get out.

6th - The MongolZ

The team with not much LAN experience gets thrown into the fire against the best teams in the world on the biggest stage, can MachineGun carry this team out of the group, we don't think so, highly doubt they'll win a game, but they'll for surely be fan favorites over the weekend.


Group B

Team Name - Country - World Rank

EnVyUs (France) - 3rd

E-frag (Bulgaria) - 21st

FaZe Clan (Europe) - 8th

Virtus.Pro (Poland) - 15th

Astralis (Denmark) - 2nd

Tempo Storm - (Brazil/USA) - 26th


Predicted Placing - Team Name 

1st - EnVyUs

Happy, NBK, Kenny. Can they live up to the hype and continue to win tournaments, or will nV start falling off.

They're clearly the favorites in this group, but could finish second if Astralis has a good tournament.

2nd - Astralis

Online and at small LAN's they can compete against Fnatic for the best team in the world but on the big stages they always seem to choke, they'll advance to the playoffs but we don't think they have what it takes to dethrone EnVyUs for first place in the group, if this team wants to win it all, they'll need Device to be the carry that he's known for.

3rd - Virtus.Pro

The home town favorites, the Poles will have to play A LOT better if they want to be a part of the playoff rounds, sitting at a 1-11 record in ESL/ESEA pro league, the current form they are in, they shouldn't even be in the pro league. If they don't have a good showing here, expect some roster changes. We believe that playing at this event always makes Virtus.Pro perform at their best, therefore we think they'll squeak out of the group.

4th - FaZe Clan

One of the questionable teams coming into this event, we don't really know if FaZe Clan has the potential to play up against the big teams yet, they've shown some promise, now we just need to see them perform on the big stage, can Maikelele and Rain carry this team to the playoffs?

5th - Tempo Storm

A rather unknown team, they've showed some really good online performances, but crashed out of MLG Columbus the past weekend, we expect Fallen to give them a lot of pointers this weekend, which should help them in by far their biggest tournament yet.

6th - E-Frag

Not much to say, they're just not ready for this type of stage yet, we expect the Bulgarians to finish last in this group.



IEM Season X World Champions


They're the best team in the world for all the right reasons.

Olof and JW have been playing very well lately, expect them to keep performing and carry Fnatic to the World Championship.

Not losing a single stride after Pronax stepped down, Fnatic has been the best team in the world for the last calender year and we expect it to remain that way for this calender year as well.



Arik Krause

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