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  • Tue 30th Jun 2020 - 6:48am

    If you’re looking for the easy method and successfully install it in your computer, then the steps given will help you in doing so in no time. With 300 million satisfied client bases worldwide, Kaspersky Total security Download  has provided constant security to user, protecting them from Trojan, Malwares, Spyware, Ransomware and other malicious virus.


    It is available for Windows, Mac, apple and android smartphones, you can purchase it from retail store or visit to purchase online as per your preference and device.

    Now the download process--if you have already bought your product key for Windows 10--in detail and step-by-step!

    1. To begin with, visit
    2. Click on the Sign up option.
    3. In case you already happen to be a user of Kaspersky, click on sign in. While you are busy with the signing-up process, share your email-ID. Make a new password for Kaspersky account.
    4. Kaspersky will send you will a verification email.
    5. Check your email and confirm to complete the Kaspersky account verification process.
    6. As soon as you click on the verification email link, you will get redirected to your Kaspersky account.
    7. There, you will find the area where you have to put our 20-digit activation code.
    8. Put your code there.
    9. Now on the same page you will see download tab. Click on it.
    10. Your product will get successfully listed.
    11. Choose ‘download’ option.
    12. Post downloading it, run the product.

    Congratulations! You are through with the process. You have made your digital world a lot protected now.

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